Welcome to FireFly Cinema Club (UK Locations). 
The perfect getaway Drive-In Cinema designed for people to create memories under the stars whilst watching classic movies. 


Imagine this... it’s getting dark, the stars are out and FireFly Cinema Club is showcasing one of your favourite classics. You and your partner decide to go halves (unless you fancy being a legend and paying for them as well) to watch one of your favourite movies. You arrive and order food, drinks from the hi-tide restaurant. Our staff bring them over to your car door. You didn’t even have to move! The film comes on, you’re with your favourite person, hot food and the stars. What an evening to remember! 

If you’re feeling extra cheesy, you can ask ahead of time to have a cheeky message put up on the screen. (Please be aware, this is only for the cheesiest of couples)


If we have a photographer on-site, get a picture done so you can show off to all your social media friends.


Your kids are bored and they want something to do but let’s be honest... you don’t want to go to a play area with screaming children for the next 2 hours. That’s ok, we got your back. Why not get them engrossed in one of our family showcases!


We’ll be playing family classic films on selected evenings for both you and the kids to enjoy. Food will be available on site (Look at that. You don’t even have to cook tonight) and we’ll make sure the evening is filled with extra magic so you and your family leave with an experience they’ll never forget. If we have a photographer on-site, why not also get your picture taken?

Family-friendly screenings are available. 

Children’s food and drink also available.


It’s a night with your mates and you’re looking for something unique to do. Netflix isn’t doing it and you’re sick of the house. You and a friend pull up to our cinema and order yourself some sticky treats but whatever you do... please don’t leave rubbish in your mates car

(seriously. Not cool man).


There’s nothing better than hanging with a buddy to the magic of cinema. Enjoy a range of films with a friend. We won’t tell anyone if you cry during the film.

Classic Movies displayed.


Sharing deals on food.

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